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"Life is Designed to Work" Programs

The Life Is Designed to Work Mastery Course

Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Jane Ilene Cohen is teaching this new course to a small number of dedicated students. It will be held in Encinitas (San Diego North County), California. The next start date has not been scheduled yet, as this course is in the midst of being redesigned and the book and workbook are in the process of being edited.

Jane is an Intuitive & Transformational Counselor, an NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, an author and spiritual teacher.  Her doctorate is in Transpersonal Counseling.

In this Course, Jane will be teaching the Life Is Designed to Work thought system she has spent the past 20 years developing.  It will be taught in an experiential, transformational process. 

This program is designed to enable each student to experience profound transformation in their personal lives, as well as, consciously participate in the evolutionary shifts in consciousness the world is in the midst of.  The Life Is Designed to Work thought system describes this shift as shifting from the "substitute world" into the "real world."

In this program, Jane teaches how to live in co-creation with the Divine, tapping into the potential available to us, in order to move forward individually, as well as globally, as a human race.  It is shifting into understanding and experiencing the inherently positive nature of the human soul and the nature of reality, in which life works wonderfully well.  The intention of this program is to enable students to bring this shift in consciousness, and this new understanding, out into the world, where we can be enlightened vehicles for evolutionary change.

To be qualified to participate in this program, students must have already made significant progress in their own personal growth and spiritual evolution.

The program includes:

1. The Life Is Designed to Work eBook and The Life is Designed to Work eWorkbook.

2. Approximately 9 to 12 weekly group sessions to study the Life Is Designed to Work book, and workbook.  The number of weeks is somewhat flexible to make sure we have enough time to cover the material in the book.  The sessions will be 1-1/2 hours long. 

These group sessions will be in the form of:

    a. Working through the Workbook that is a companion to the "Life Is Designed to Work" book.

    b. in-depth teacher-student interactions and teaching. 

3. 2 to 4 individual NLP TimeLine sessions per month, for the duration of the group sessions (approximately 9-12 weeks).  These TimeLine sessions give you an in-depth and personal understanding of the emotional and perceptual distortions that cause our lives not to work, as well as, the shifts in consciousness that happen when they are un-distorted.  Experiencing this facilitates you in more fully grasping the Life Is Designed to Work thought system.

The NLP TimeLine Process is a very effective NLP process for facilitating profound life change quickly and permanently.  It is a hypnotic process for clearing unconscious, childhood limiting decisions (such as "I am not lovable, I'm bad, people can't be trusted) that are holding in place negative patterns in your life, such as getting into dysfunctional relationships, financial difficulties, being taken advantage of in life.  Besides releasing your negative patterns (or whatever isn't working in your life), each time a limiting decision is cleared, your life in general becomes increasingly clearer and you are more able to participate in direct present moment experience.

For further information on these sessions, go to: .

4. Experiential exercises from the Life Is Designed to Work Workbook, to work on during the week, in between group sessions.  These facilitate you in becoming conscious of how this thought system and new model of reality show up in your personal life and in the world around you.  They enable you to shift how you perceive and relate to that reality.  These exercises also help prepare you for the group sessions.

5. Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive a Life Is Designed to Work Mastery Level 1 Certificate of Completion.  There will be more advanced programs available to students in the future, including certification in facilitating Life Is Designed to Work transformational groups.

Program Fees:

This course is in the midst of being redesigned and so the current fee hasn't been determined yet.

What Jane is looking for in students:

1. Qualities: Intuitive, empathic, good analytic skills, strong spiritual focus, intelligent, curious, courageous, open-minded, creative

2.  Those who are aware of the shift in consciousness the world is in the midst of and feel guided to actively and consciously participate in it.

3. (Optional) Students of NLP (especially TimeLine), who are interested in bringing a spiritual focus to his/her NLP counseling practice.

To apply to participate in this program:

Step #1: Call Jane's office at (760) 753-0733 to schedule a free phone consultation with Jane, as the preliminary step to scheduling an NLP TimeLine session.  The consultation is about 10-15 minutes long to discuss what you'd like to work on in your life, and to decide if this kind of work is right for you. 

Step #2: At the end of the consultation, you can schedule an NLP TimeLine session with Jane.  Besides the primary objective of clearing a limiting decision that is at the root of what isn't working in your life, the session will help Jane determine if you are a match to be in the Life Is Designed to Work Program.  And it will help you decide if studying the Life Is Designed to Work thought system (which the program teaches and is the basis of all of Jane's work) is what you'd like to participate in.


Life is Designed to Work!

8-week workshop / interactive, transformational group

Do you sometimes wonder if life is designed to work?

  • Do you feel on the verge of some big change in your life
    or are you in transition and need some clarity?

  • Does life seem confusing to you or do you feel stuck in some way?
  • Do you have a feeling that there must be more in life, but you don't know what it is?
  • Can you feel big shifts happening in the world,
    and want to understand how to participate in them from a place of empowerment?

Would you like to find a solution
so you can experience life in a way that works?

In this group / workshop you will:

  • Learn the teaching that comes from a deep source of wisdom
    Dr. Jane Ilene Cohen began tapping into when she first
    took a stand on the principle that life is designed to work.

  • Learn groundbreaking material that hasn't been taught before.
  • Receive concrete, experiential understanding on how to shift into
    the new consciousness -- a new experience of what is real.

  • Learn how to actively participate in the human evolutionary process.
  • Learn what it takes to live a life that works!

Learn this teaching in an interactive, experiential, transformational group workshop,
supported by the eBook version of Jane's book describing
this new way of understanding how life works.

We are all in the midst of a major shift in consciousness -- on an individual and global level.
We are shifting from old ways of perceiving and living life that are working less and less well,
to a new way, in which life works wonderfully well!

This transformational group/workshop workshop makes clear the inherently positive nature
of life and reality, and facilitates you in integrating this into your day-to-day life.

Taught and facilitated by:

Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D.
  Intuitive & Transformational Counselor, Teacher & Author
NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner
760) 753-0733

Call for next start date
at Jane's home office in Encinitas, CA

$327 (includes: 8 weekly 1-1/2 hr. workshop session
& the "Life Is Designed to Work" eBook)

(Payment plan available)

For more information, next start date, registration and address call (760) 753-0733

Some comments from past participants:

"We went to two therapists and nothing approached what I got out of this.  This has been life changing for me.  Absolutely!  I looked forward to coming every Tuesday evening.  It was the highlight of my week.  I loved it.  I have already recommend it to people."  -- Mary Ann Witmer

"This course is making profound changes for me.  It's shifting my perspective on what is real." -- Daniel Anaya

"Your book is fabulous!" -- Marisa Reed

"It was life changing for me.  It's opened up my experience of reality.  It's a logical progression for what I've intuitively known, and it put experience and words to it."  -- Rebecca Corson

 “The tools you give us helps for relationships, not only for your girlfriend, but sons and daughters and mothers and everyone else.”  --- CM

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