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"Life is Meant to Work" Audio Course & Workshop

Life is Meant to Work!

Do you sometimes wonder if life is meant to work?

  • Does life seem confusing to you or do you feel stuck in some way?  

  • Do you feel on the verge of some big change in your life or are you in transition and need some clarity?  

  • Is your experience of life difficult, and you can't sort out why things don't work out?  

  • Do you have a feeling that there must be more in life, but you don't know what it is? 

  • Can you feel the big shifts happening and want to understand how to participate in them from a place of empowerment?

  • Does what's happening in the world seem out of control or not to make sense to you?

Would you like to find a solution so you can experience life
in a way that works?

We are all in the midst of a major shift in consciousness -- on an individual and global level.
We are shifting from old ways of perceiving and living life that are working less and less well, to a new way, in which life works wonderfully well!

Jane helps you make sense of what we are going through in her foundational course "Life is Meant to Work!"  In this 12-audio class / 8-week in-person transformational workshop & interactive group you will learn what this consciousness shift is and how to participate in it from a place of personal empowerment.  You will learn what it takes to live a life that works!  This Course reveals the inherently positive nature of life and reality, and facilitates you in integrating this into your day-to-day life.

  • 12-class Foundation Audio Course

(Click here for Audio Course)

  • 8-week experiential Workshop Intensive
    (for integrating the "Life is Meant to Work"

    thought system into your own life experience)

(Click here for Workshop)


Life is Meant to Work
Making the Shift from the Substitute to the Real World

12-class Foundation Audio Course

Learn the positive New Thought System at the foundation of all of Jane 's work,
supported by an e-book of transformational, consciousness-shifting exercises

Specific Topics covered in the 12 audio classes, and that will be explored in depth in the Workshop:

TOPIC #1: The source of the human perception that life doesn't work

  • The subjective and changeable nature of our perception of reality
  • How our perception of reality gets distorted
  • The basic impossibilities humanity holds in place about the nature of life

TOPIC #2: A process for diffusing your negative emotional triggers

  • Discover the real source of your pain
  • Make the distinction between what is real and what is not
  • Bring your unconscious mind into alignment with your conscious mind

TOPIC #3: The real world vs. the substitute world

  • The substitute persona, desires and world
  • Coming into the real world
  • Shifting survival systems (your source of safety and well-being)

TOPIC #4: The human evolutionary process: Individual & larger plan

  • From the physical leading to the non-physical leading
  • The shift in consciousness being required now
  • How people hinder the human evolutionary process

TOPIC #5: The positive nature of reality

  • Accessing the true self
  • The inherent goodness of the human soul
  • Selfishness vs. Enlightened self-interest

TOPIC #6: Coming into your real power

  • The falsity of being a victim
  • Physical versus non-physical power
  • Being influenced versus being controlled

TOPIC #7: The shift in consciousness

  • Who is defining reality for you?
  • What your perception of reality is oriented around
  • The meaning of this particular time in history

TOPIC #8: Spirituality and our concept of God

  • The underlying infrastructure of reality
  • Understanding the physical, the non-physical & the Spiritual
  • The evolution of the human and Divine relationship

TOPIC #9: Is life for us, against us, or just the luck of the draw?

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The mistaken idea about the human separation from the Divine
  • The power-struggle humanity is in with the Divine

TOPIC #10: Accessing direct experience and direct knowledge

  • Coming into the Present Moment
  • Accessing Divine Truth
  • Understanding and following Divine order

TOPIC #11: The Love Principle

  • The love under the pain
  • The expanding evolution of love
  • The power of dialog and relationship

TOPIC #12: Being on your life's path

  • Following your inner guidance
  • Your higher self
  • Basic principles around which to make sense of reality

What you'll receive:

  • 12 audio classes (approximately 10 hrs total), including a powerful process for diffusing negative emotional reactions to people and situations (The Projection Clearing Process)

  • An e-book of consciousness-shifting exercises for each class to apply these new perspectives to your life

  • A pdf Guide for the Projection Clearing Process
Life is Meant To Work-Audio Course-Workshop

Clips from the Audio Course

"Our Perception of Reality & Limiting Decisions"

Click to listen to audio

"Your Relationship with the World around You"

"Divine Order"

For the 12-download mp3 set

Life is Meant to Work:

Making the Shift from the Substitute to the Real World

8-week Transformational Workshop
based on the "Life is Meant to Work" Audio Course

The focus of this interactive group/workshop is to shift participants' personal life experience from
the "substitute world" which most people base their experience of reality on,
which causes your life not to work in whatever areas it doesn’t work
-- into the "real world" where your life does work wonderfully well. 

A positive, down-to-earth, and transformational approach
to the confusing and escalating changes
the world is going through at this time.

  • Shift into a new experience of reality
    -- moving from the "substitute world" to the "real world"
    ....where you can gain an experiential and in-depth understanding
    that life actually does work
  • Come into present-moment experience and direct knowledge as you participate
    in this cutting-edge work
  • Be personally guided during the shift in consciousness in front of humanity now
  • Participate in authentic relating in a live, interactive group process

    Taught by:
Jane Ilene Cohen
  Intuitive & Transformational
Counselor, Teacher & Author

NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner
760) 753-0733  .

Begins Thursday, May16th 7:00-9:30pm, Encinitas, CA

$397 when you purchase the Audio Foundation Course & Workshop together
(The audio course is required for the workshop
& can be done prior to, or along with, the Workshop.)

(The audio course part of the fee is discounted when purchased along with the workshop.)

(Workshop is $297 if you have already purchased the audio course)

(Payment plan available)

For more information, registration and address call (760) 753-0733

What participants have said about this workshop:

"This course ... is making profound changes for me.  It's shifting my perspective on what is real.  I’m super stoked.”

“I think the interactions in a group like that is invaluable, because it's not just about you and your issues, it's about being able to see other people's issues, recognizing their limiting decisions, like where you wouldn't be able see yours that clearly.  It gives you more insights into yourself." -- Daniel Anaya, Imperial Beach, CA

“Because of this workshop I have a lot more understanding of my own and other people’s nature as people, so that interacting in the world there’s a larger sense of reality.  The tools you give us helps for relationships, not only for your girlfriend, but sons and daughters and mothers and everyone else. Doing this with my girlfriend creates a sense of commonality between us. There are now opportunities to have better dialog between us, instead of being separated by miscommunication.”  --- Chris Demay, Solana Beach, CA

"Jane gets to the nuts and bolts practical side of the conscious, intellectual, and psychological side of our human existence."  Nate Crane, Founder of the Panacea Community, Vista, CA

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