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"Life is Meant to Work" Workshop

Life is Meant to Work!
Making the Shift from the Substitute to the Real World

8-week Transformational Workshop / Group

This Workshop:

~ is based on an understanding of the inherently positive nature
of life, reality and the human soul.

~ gives you a way to understand your experience, so you can more effectively know
what the way forward is, toward a life that increasingly, and more frequently, works.

~ gives you a way to understand when and why your life is not working,
and how to move toward it working.

It is a path toward enlightenment, but it is not focused on enlightenment.
It is focused on how your life can work better and better,
and become increasingly more empowered and fulfilling.

It is also focused on the global path we, as humanity, are on, so that we move toward
what actually benefits us, rather than toward our own destruction.

Taught and facilitated by:

Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D.
  Intuitive & Transformational Counselor, Teacher & Author
NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner
760) 753-0733

This is an 8-week Workshop, which meets weekly for 2-1/2 hrs.  It is taught in the form of an interactive, transformational group.   The Life Is Meant to Work: Making the Shift from the Substitute to the Real world, is the eBook form of the book written by Dr. Cohen.  It is the study material used throughout the Workshop.  This book teaches the Life is Meant to Work thought system.

7:00-9:30pm, Encinitas, CA

$327 (includes: 8 weekly 1-1/2 hr. workshop session
& the "Life Is Meant to Work" eBook)

(Payment plan available)

For more information, start date for next session, registration and address call (760) 753-0733

Some comments from past participants:

"We went to two therapists and nothing approached what I got out of this.  This has been life changing for me.  Absolutely!  I looked forward to coming every Tuesday evening.  It was the highlight of my week.  I loved it.  I have already recommend it to people."  -- Mary Ann Witmer

"This course is making profound changes for me.  It's shifting my perspective on what is real." -- Daniel Anaya

"It was life changing for me.  It's opened up my experience of reality.  It's a logical progression for what I've intuitively known, and it put experience and words to it."  -- Rebecca Corson

 “The tools you give us helps for relationships, not only for your girlfriend, but sons and daughters and mothers and everyone else.”  --- CM

"Jane gets to the nuts and bolts practical side of the conscious, intellectual, and psychological side of our human existence."  Nate Crane, Founder of the Panacea Community, Vista, CA

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